A Life’s Designs

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every life has a design — actually a collection of designs — of some kind. It (they) may be haphazard, ill thought through, or simply happens; on the other hand, a life may have clear definition, purpose, and intentionality. Regardless of deliberateness or lack thereof, each experience one encounters finds a place in the design(s) of one’s life. These experiences may add color, interest, shape, perimeters, strengths or weaknesses, symmetry, calmness or energy; they may be constant or sporadic, serendipitous or planned. Some of life’s experiences are transformative while others impede growth and development toward full realization of life’s potential. Nevertheless, they all come together in this one life.

When these mosaics are combined they form an artistic rendition of community, a collection of designs. This blog will examine designs of life, personal and corporate. It’s the acquaintances, friends, and family we have. It’s the world we live in. Let’s explore life’s designs together.

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