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Serenity at Noon

Posted: August 28, 2018 in Life's Design
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After breakfast—actually, brunch since I slept in this morning—at Chris’ at the Docket restaurant, I walked to the Gateway Arch National Park, which is often my destination following breakfast. Today the 85° temperature is quite pleasant for the walk compared to the 90s we’ve been having.

I arrived at the park in time to see the geyser across the river. It is the tallest geyser in the United States and third tallest in the world. Many people look at it and don’t know what they are seeing and thus ignore the awesomeness of it. A few people I met today while walking near the Arch were impressed when I told them about it.

I walked around to the west side of the north reflecting pond and found a grassy spot to make this brief journal entry. It is quite pleasant sitting here looking out at the pond.

The small grove of eight cypress trees provides wonderful shade. Here and there are small groups of three to five people taking a noon respite from their current pursuits. There are office-workers enjoying ​lunch away from the thrum of the city and visitors to the Arch taking A pause from their walk around the park.


A dad and his two young girls, an Asian family by the sound of their conversation, are having fun taking pictures with a phone. Just now, the mother walks up and sits with them, leans in, and a fun selfie is snapped. Such scenes are replicated throughout the park. The Gateway Arch National Park is one of Saint Louis’ best family attractions that brings thousands to the city and provides space for residents to cultivate serenity in their life’s design.