Life’s experiences are either transformative or an impediment to reaching one’s potential, but they all come together in one mosaic, which this blog will examine.
Human life is constantly evolving on an inexorable path toward the future. A variety of energies, both external and internal, influence each life. These energies are spawned by forces–spiritual, emotional, physical, personal, global, and societal–which, when combined in a multitude of ways, enhances each unique life God has created.
Thus, we are complex creatures, capable of wonderful, creative, and mysterious things. The power of the human mind has yet to be completely exhausted. The beauty of the sensitive soul has yet to be fully displayed. The sensitivity of the loving spirit has yet to be felt in its most sensual depth or its most ethereal height. Our God-created lives move on in kaleidoscopic fashion as such energies move in and out of them and intertwine each life with other lives, and they in turn interact with the world of places far and near, things animate and inanimate, and people both present and past–dear to us, estranged from us, and in distant regions. Such are our Life’s Designs.
I hope you will join me as from time to time I explore these designs of our lives. These explorations will be personal, impersonal, and sometimes merely observational. They will be reflective, and, at times didactic. I hope to challenge myself on these pages and that in turn I hope will challenge you as you live your life–to grow and stretch it, to add color and beauty to it, to discover purpose and meaning in it, to synchronize it with the awesomeness of God.
It is my desire that, as you feel impressed, you will add comments to posts in this public conversation or use this private space to create conversation with me. Out of such meshing of ideas, thoughts, impressions, and observations, designs for living will be refined, improved, provide fulfillment, and provide greater richness to our global community. I look forward to seeing you here.

David Wigger, Writer, theologian, missiologist, pastor, educator, and human being in search of the “stuff” of life for which I was created to experience. I am not perfect; I do not have answers to all things; if you ask me a question, I might ask you one in return as my answer. I have two wonderful adult children. I was married for 45 years to a wonderful woman who’s life came to an end in a wrestling match with cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma). I am a child of God, created in his image. I lived in Southeast Asia for 11 years. I spent ten years growing up in Texas, although I consider myself a Missourian. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for 11 years. I spent eight years in Iowa. I still consider Missouri home and chose to retire in Saint Louis. I am gay. I am part of the community of faith known as Third Baptist Church. I live in a downtown condo a mile from the Arch and the Mississippi River.

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