Being Christian and Gay

The conversation, and I use that word with reservation, surrounding LGBTQ people in the context of Christianity is currently waged from the sides of the battlefield. Each lobs mortars at the other. Attempts have and are continuing to be made to bring the two sides together, but the larger battle is still raging. I have no illusion that this blog will make a huge contribution to bring the opposing sides together in conversation. Yet, that is my desire for the few who may discover these posts. I am not trying to prescribe any position, idea,  or theological position. My objective is a simple one: to put me, a human being made in the image of God, and,  yes, a gay man, smack dab in the middle of the battlefield. As you read these posts, feel free to comment. Remain true to who you are and be respectful of others. In that way, conversation will ensue. Conversation is much more pleasant than warfare.

Being Christian and Being Gay – Introduction August 29, 2017
Part I: Context for Conversation September 5, 2017
Part 2: How We Read the Bible. September 12, 2017
Part 3: My Relationship with Scripture September 19, 2017
Part 4: Specific Bible Passages September 26, 2017
Part 5: A Christian’s Sexual Ethic October 3, 2017
Part 6: An Understanding of Sexuality October 10, 2017
Part 7: Living Between Two Worlds October 17, 2017
Being Christian and Being Gay – Conclusion October 25, 2017

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