The Wall

July 19, 2004

Standing on the wall I view the wide expanse
of sea and sky
of blue and gray.
Evening slowly falls upon adventures
always calling me.

I feel the waters and waves draw me
to tasks my life’s wrapped in.

The blue changes to gray.
The horizon vanishes.

I turn my back to the sea
and embrace the land with familiar eyes
Daily I stand and walk on the land, firm and solid
while I ply the waves of chosen life.
The feel of soil and earth,
land and field natural for my feet.
I walk upon it and feel safe,
secure in ways my daily life
on sea and waves betray me.

The trees have vanished.
The sky and land have merged.

l turn back to the life I’ve chosen.
It is dark.
I return to the life I walk daily.
It too is dark.

And I’m still on the wall.

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