Discipline for dogs…And humans?

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

For the last three days I have taken Paco, my little ten pound dog some call a Chiweenie and others call a Chidoxi (Chihuahua-Dachshund mix), for daily walks–without a leash! We walk from the condo west to Seventeenth Street then back east past the condo and cross Fourteenth Street. Continuing east, we go past the park, which is across Locust Street from the library, to Thirteenth Street, and turn north, cross St. Charles, and on to Washington Avenue. Turning west on Washington we pass many pedestrians and Flannery’s pub where there are usually diners sitting at tall sidewalk tables, particularly on our evening walks. Even with the crowd of diners he stays focused on our walk. Passing the groups of dinners we cross busy Fourteenth Street again and then on to Seventeenth from where we weave our way back over to the back entrance to the condo off of St. Charles Street.

Maybe you didn’t follow all those twists and turns, but Paco did superbly well. At street corners all I had to say was “wait” and he stopped and most times just sat down to wait for further instructions without my telling him to do so. He does less wandering and stays closer to me without the leash than when on the leash. I need to remember to take treats to reinforce good behavior on these walks.

I had always heard that a well-disciplined dog was a happy dog and had taken this truism at face value. I now have experienced it. I wonder, does this translate to the human race as well? I think we know the answer.

  1. hdockins2013 says:

    Your discussion about Paco reminded me of stories my brother-in-law tells about a dog he had when he lived in downtown St. Louis that behaved equally as well. He would tell Pachinco to sit at a corner then leave him there until he had crossed the street before he would signal him to follow. Thanks for sharing.